Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Safe and Sound at home.

We arrived at Christopher house a little after six. We stayed there for awhile, had dinner and watched a movie. I'll try and post tomorrow night, all the pictures and the adventures of our trip.
Everyone had a great time, and there is still nothing better than watching a child enjoy something for the first time.
Also, on a CAR note. I love, LOVE my new car. This thing is the best thing since sliced bread. That DVD kept them entertained and made life so much easier.
Well, I gotta get to bed, I have a very LOOOOOOOONG week ahead of me.


Paul and Chelsea Gour said...

Welcome! Minivan Mamas rock! I have to drive one because I have 4 kids at home but even if I didn't I would. I love my minivan! Glad you had a great time at Disney. I can not imagine being there at a holiday. You must've had every detail pre-planned in order to have fun in that crowd!

Kristin said...

Can't wait to hear all about Disney!!!

I too am a minivan mom. I've had one now for ten years. Couldn't live without it!