Saturday, September 26, 2009


Friday was Grace first time at Cheering. She got to cheer with her school's varisty team.

We went to Grannys after work and got a chance to see the cuties.
Grace Ready and Waiting.
Still Waiting - with the love of her life and one of her biggest fans.
Is there anything as nice as a Daddys Love?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dreams are sweet

I have a Dream and she is complete.

Carnival Dream that is, the newest beauty of a ship has set sail. Oh how I wish I were on her right now. As it stands I still have 20 months before we can go, well unless that money tree I planted out back starts growing. I mean really, I water the thing, whats the problem here!

Another piece of news, Carnival will be making Charleston a home port, but don't get too excited, even though you will now be able to cruise out of Charleston weekly, you still cant go any further than the Bahamas. So come May, the ship Fantasy will make her way to Charleston, ooh maybe they will throw a party. Bonny and I sailed this ship several years ago, I think the girls should take another cruise, that was a blast.

There will also be another Queen in the water before too long (2010 I think) Cunard is adding Queen Elizabeth to its fleet.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Aunt Bonny

One of our many traditions is doing a birthday breakfast for my birthday, Bonny's birthday and Ashlee's birthday, we've been doing this for years. This past Saturday we went to breakfast at Crackle Barrel for Bonny's birthday which is Thursday. We then spend the remainder of the day at the mall and Walmart. It was a great day!

Random Pictures
Can you see the love between PaulPaul and Grace, I love this picture, it captures their bond.. He now tells her as she is approaching him " to think about it" which she does for about one second before hitting him, he hits her and she cries. Its never ending.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Love Story

I love a good love story.

What a sad story. Patrick Swayze lost his battle to cancer this week. My heart goes out to his wife. They were married 34 years, I can not even image being that in love with someone for so long and then have to go on without that person. Now dont get me wrong, I know it happens all of them time. However in today's world, that is hard to come by. Very hard, this world is changing ever so quickly and it is not for the better. Our younger generation is being raised with no manners and it seems everyone thinks they are entitled to what ever they want, and it doesn't matter if it hurts someone else. Marriages these days dont mean they same as they used to. Once upon a time, I do meant until death do you part. And even most of the ones that do last, someone is not faithful. I just cant help but wonder where this world is going. Are we really so rude that we cant let a young girl except an award without stepping in? Like the president or not, what happen to respecting the President of the United States. I just dont understand what is happening to this country. May God have mercy on us all.
I somehow got way off track, I watched this video for the first time today, it is of Patrick Swayze and his wife. Click here.
I wish / hope that we could all experience a love like theirs. May God bless you and keep you safe.
Much Love

Friday, September 11, 2009

LIttle Generals Night

Well I just signed Grace up for Little Generals Night! What does that mean you say? Well that means she will get to attend two practices with the Varsity Cheerleaders and Cheer at a halftime Game. I don't know about you, but I'm excited! I love having a little girl. So much fun.

The game is September 25th and the Cathedral Generals will be taking on Coastal Christian School. We play our home games at the Danny Jones Complex! Come on out and support our team (or watch a really cute little girl cheer).

She came home signing the cutest song yesterday, I will try and get it posted for you. 5 Little Monkeys sitting in a tree.

Have a Great Weekend Everyone.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Her first major boo boo

Well today was the FCC (Families with Chinese Children) Picnic at the Palmetto County Park. Food was ready, big kids were loading the car, and I was locking the doors. I'm not sure what Miss Grace was doing but I heard her scream. I think she was swinging between the stools under our island and the big chair next to it. I picked her up, her lip was bleeding her tooth was not in the right location and her nose was bleeding. I cant lie, the louder my baby cried the more I cried. At the first sight of it, all I could do was yell for Paul Ray! Sad isn't it! We weren't sure if we should take her to the ER or not. We're going to call the dentist on Tuesday and let him look at it. Once we got her cleaned and most of the bleeding stopped we laid her on the couch, then she got upset about missing the picnic, her daddy asked if she wanted to go, which she did, so we loaded everything back up. That lasted about three minutes. So we went and got some chicken and came back home. She keeps asking me if her lip is better? Sorry baby, not yet! Poor thing, her daddy put her in her seat and she started saying how sorry she was.

Older pictures from the week, not allowing her brother to go in the bedroom. I heard her tell him early this morning when he hit her, that, that was NOT a LOOOOOOOOOOVE tap! They are too much.

Dancing with her faithful companion.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

just an update

Lets see, this past Sunday on our way to Graces second class of Chinese we stopped by Granny's for some lunch and to drop off Gracie's pieces of fabric for her 100 Good Wishes Quilt. Yes, I know we've been home over a year now, I had hoped to have it done before she came home, but what can I say, life just gets in the way. I also haven't done her Book yet either. I have everything to make her baby (life) book and a book for the quilt wishes. I'm behind! I also got her a school book, which is not going to hold all of the papers from this year, guess we'll have to pick a few special ones and put the others up somewhere else.

Ok, on to Chinese class, this was her second, and if you recall the first class she would not let me leave. This time she was doing so much better, she gave to big kisses and even bigger hugs and let me go. I assured her I would be waiting at the door when class was out. Well I went to my car, I did run to the store and got something to drink and then parked under a tree to do some reading. I'm reading the Last Lecture and was deeply in a chapter (with my phone in my lap in case the school needed me) well this Chinese lady appears at my window and I smile I 'm not sure what I was thinking, I guess the nice lady and her pretty little girl were saying hello, it took my poor brain about a second to realize, that little Chinese girl is MINE and is she HYSTERICAL, I have never seen her that upset, I mean full blown sobs, uncontrollable sobs, it broke my heart. Well it seems they decided to do some rearranging during class. There is no telling what my poor child was thinking I can only imagine. Once I calmed her down a bit we went inside and they explained things and we went and got her book bag. This Sunday we have the FCC picnic so we will miss class. I will leave it up to Grace if we go back. I do believe it would not take long for her to pick it all up again. She can count to six, they also learn to write also.
She is in her third week of school and I cant tell you how much she loves school. She loves going, she loves learning, she is making friends and she LOVES her teacher. I could not say enough good things about Ms. Wendy. God is good! He blessed us with this little girl and continues to put awesome people in our lives for this little girl. Grace attends the after school program until 430 when her daddy picks her up, by the third day, he was like "now she's hugging and kissing the after school program" - I'm pretty sure Ms. Wendy gets a hug every morning too. There are only 16 kids in her class so that is great. I put two boys through school and would help when asked but I am very shy and never got too involved, (if I could only go back) but somehow I ended up being Room Mom for Grace's class, I'm a little excited and nervous at the same time. Grace is breaking me out of my shell that's for sure.
Grace has also started back at dance. She is only doing ballet now, and she must have been really comfortable in class. She was smiling and hopping around and just having a good ole time, this teacher makes this program fun the girls. They don't get serious until the next class (6 year olds).