Thursday, April 26, 2012

What ever did Santa bring?

So My Girl asked Santa for a horse.     I remember hearing her ask Santa, and he kinda looked up at me for direction.   Without missing a beat, my Gracie Girl was ready for him.   He asked her, well if I leave the horse under your tree with your other presents, he might mess them up, she promptly told him, You dont leave them inside, they go in the horse pasture.    She asked for one, and he bought her TWO horses.   Thats a lot of magic corn to get them here.  but there they were, Christmas morning, at the sign of light she was outside to see. 

Paul and Sahara, horse number 1

not a great picture, Horse #2 and her favorite, Sam, or as well call him Sam Man or Sammy boy.  He is a STUBORN SWEETHEART

 And this!!!!!!!  As if 2 horses and 2 dogs are not enough.  We were on our way to Aunt Bonny's for Christmas when on our dirt road, I spotted a couple of kittens.   I stopped, and one ran under my car, so I opened the door to get out and check, and low and behold as soon as I open the door, TWO kittens jumped in my car.  They were most certainly used to people.  I could not just put them out on the road, I dont understand people that can do that at all.   Anyway we had a boy and a girl.  We were able to find a home for the boy.  the girl who had a problem with one eye, is now a loving pet who I beleive thinks shes a dog.  She's always in my lap, and is just the sweetest thing.  We should have known by the eye that she was ours.  Grace adores her and the kitten and Belle are always running and playing. I've told Grace that she can NOT asked for any other thing that requires air, food or water!  3 horses, 2 dogs and a cat!!!!!!!

I am not sure where my girly girl went, I do miss her sometimes.   She loves her animals and has no problem getting dirty.   so much for dance recitals!

So far behind

I dont think I'll ever catch up.........Life just seems to get in the way.   I havent been writing in Grace's journal either.    I seem to do good at just unloading the pics off the camera onto the computer and thats as far as it gets.

So this maybe catchup via pictures............