Saturday, February 26, 2011

Grace's First Date

with her daddy
of course

the princess ready for the ball

I love the look on her face here.

He rang the door bell and had flowers and YES I had tears.  He adores his little girl to no end.

he even opened the door, he didnt do that for me at our wedding.  You dont know how much this little one has changed this man.
with her daddy of course.

Heaven is the face......

happy birthday Devan Marie.
We miss you, love you and still think of you every day.

Two - Two - We want two, ah yes we do

2011 Cheer Team - Cathedral of Praise

Grace and Berkely, one of her classmates at CA

Today was the last game of the season,  Very Bittersweet.  Grace enjoyed it but when she got the trophy, she was over the top

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Chelsea and Paul

Chelsea and Paul also live in Charleston, and they also have a daughter from Tianjin, China. 
Well this week, they traveled back to Tianjin, China for thier son.  I am so happy for you guys.   They also got to meet his foster family, which I think is truly a gift.   I cant wait to see the pictures of the little guy with his siters and brothers.  Safe travels home.   Click on their name to visit their blog.

Also, Good luck and safe travels another local family.  Penny and her husband Shannon are adopting thier second child from China.  Penny will be staying home with her two kids, (pray for her, I know she is on pins and needles).  Her husband Shannon (what an awesome dad) and his father are going to make the trip and bring Samuel Home.  I pray for a safe trip for them.  Click HERE to follow thier journey.

Paul and I also have very intesting news ourselves (sorry its NOT what you are thinking).  Stayed tune, I'll post about that next week.