Sunday, August 28, 2011

Back to School We Go

Monday - How Cute
We Love Gymboree



I love Smock Dresses

Friday - Spirit Day
GO GENERALS!!!!!!!!!
We're lucky that Grace truly enjoys school.  She loves her school and her friends.   Our school k4 - 12th has less than 400 kids and it is truly an awesome place.  I'm so lucky that God put her there.  We're looking forward to another great year.

Shes taking two dance classes this year, piano, and we're possibley looking into horse riding lessons.  Yes I work to support my girl.   She's also doing the Jr Generals Cheerleaders again this year.  This is her third year.  The girls in K4 through 6th grade can participate.  They get to attend a Varisty Football Game, Basketball game, Homecoming Pep Ralley and the Summerville Christmas Parade.   The football game is next Friday and its now on our homefield.   We finally got lights and a scoreboard.  

I just realized that I never posted about her summer camp.  The church had a Princess Camp, she cried the first day I dropped her off, which means I balled like a baby the whole way to work.   But by Friday, she had a ball!!!!! 

This was the last day of camp, they got to wear what ever they wanted.   She of course was the Princess that she thinks she is.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

7th Birthday

Grace celebrated her 4th birthday with us this year, that is one more than she had in China without us.  I still think of her foster family and birth mother often.  My little girl has come so far in life.  She fills my heart with so much love.  God truly is awesome.  I am overwhelmed that he chose us to be her parents.   I pray that she never has to struggle with who she is and her place in our lives.   She is truly the center of mine and her dads life. 

For her birthday this year, I wanted to have a party at a farm with horses, my hubby on the other hand did not and talked her into a bowling party.  

Grace and Ashlee Gail

Dont you love that smile
 Later that day we had a dinner for our baby boy's birthday party.  He turned 22 this year, hard to believe that my little boy is that old. 

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Summer Fun

The first summer that Grace was home, we took her to the beach, she would not touch the sand, period.  Needless to say she wanted nothing to do with the beach.  This was her 4th summer home, and since we're taking a cruise next summer, I thought it was time for her to like the beach.  I mean we do live in the south.  You have to love the beach, its just a given.  She is a house person, and does not like going barefooted.   I bought a summer pass, and hoped for the best.  Our first trip out was for Ashlee Gails birthday, she loved it.  The second trip, Ashlee actually got her to take her shoes off and walk in the sand.  From that point on, thats all she wanted to do.  So we've spent alot of time at the beach, and some how, this summer has flown by.  I cant believe school starts in just over a week.  I havent even gotten her birthday posted yet.   We stay pretty busy.   Grace also went to Vacation Bible School at church this year and had a great time.  Dance is already started back, she is taking two classes this year.  One is a Jazz/hip hop class, which I think she is really going to enjoy, she came out of class with a big smile last week.  We also had to find a new piano teacher since Ms. Tracy took on a full time job at the church.   She took her first lesson last week at Creative Spark.  Its a 30 minute drive, but then again, every thing is a 30 minute drive from our house, EASILY!!!!!   I tell my husband all the time, if I were to win the lotto, I'd move back to the city so fast, he wouldnt have time to blink.