Sunday, August 28, 2011

Back to School We Go

Monday - How Cute
We Love Gymboree



I love Smock Dresses

Friday - Spirit Day
GO GENERALS!!!!!!!!!
We're lucky that Grace truly enjoys school.  She loves her school and her friends.   Our school k4 - 12th has less than 400 kids and it is truly an awesome place.  I'm so lucky that God put her there.  We're looking forward to another great year.

Shes taking two dance classes this year, piano, and we're possibley looking into horse riding lessons.  Yes I work to support my girl.   She's also doing the Jr Generals Cheerleaders again this year.  This is her third year.  The girls in K4 through 6th grade can participate.  They get to attend a Varisty Football Game, Basketball game, Homecoming Pep Ralley and the Summerville Christmas Parade.   The football game is next Friday and its now on our homefield.   We finally got lights and a scoreboard.  

I just realized that I never posted about her summer camp.  The church had a Princess Camp, she cried the first day I dropped her off, which means I balled like a baby the whole way to work.   But by Friday, she had a ball!!!!! 

This was the last day of camp, they got to wear what ever they wanted.   She of course was the Princess that she thinks she is.

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