Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Hiking We Will Go

Ok, no we wont, but I did offer.  We're taking Grace to the mountains, this time in October when the leaves are changing.  I was trying to find something thing he would enjoy as well.  Well besides the stop at the Bass Pro Shop.  I was even going to do the white water rafter, which scares me like you wouldnt believe.  but (hehe) thankfully Grace is not old enough or weight enough yet (thats my girl).  So I thought maybe we could go hiking in the moutains, at first he thought that was funny, and ended it with You Hate Walking, NO!!,  I think he was worried about having to carry Grace.  Anyway. 

So we are taking a quick 3 night trip to the mountains, haven't decided yet where we are staying.    The only thing we have confirmed is the Smokey Mountain Railroad in Bryson NC.  That should be a fun filled day.  They have the Peanuts that time of year.

And I thought we could get a cabin and take our own food and for those that know me know that is not a vacation!!!!!! :)  I didnt realize my hubby thinks the same way.  Its seems a hotel has won out in favor of eating out.  My kinda trip any day of the week.  Now just gotta figure out where to stay.  

We tried to talk our manchild into going with us, he is just rude and wont go.  Poor Grace, I wish she had a younger sibling, but I don't feel bad enough to have another one, we have met our quota.


Grace is doing great with Piano!  Its amazing how well she takes everything in, I wish I did.  Her dance class has had only 2 little girls in it, so they have moved them both to a different day, cant wait to see who all is in that class on Tuesday.
She is also doing the Little General Cheerleader this year at school.   Her first practice is this week.  Maybe one day she will be a varsity CA cheerleader!!!!


My dear sweet Ashlee Gail is sailing out of Chas on Wednesday, LUCKY DOG!!!  I'm trying to arrange for Grace to go see the ship leave.  We are so lucky to have her in our lives.  I hope she has a great time.  I'm sure she will.  Wish I were going with you.  We will def have to plan one of those together.  Hey, Paul Ray is now wanting to go to Bermuda.  So we'll see.  Ash, remember, if you use Tanning Oil, you will be sorry!!!!!!  Have a great trip, you get back on Monday, we'll see you on Tuesday.  Love ya

Monday, August 16, 2010

Night Before and first day of K5

Getting ready for bed.  

Thanks Aunt Bon and Ash for key chain

Grace and Empress

She was ready for me to leave her alone, she all but said LEAVE!
My girl did great for her first day of K5, and proud to report that Mom didn't cry either.  Maybe I have this down finally.  

We read the book, The Kissing Hand before she went to bed, its a great book for the start of a school year, of course I cry.  But its a great tradition, and she loves is.

Happy Birthday Lyndsey!!!!!!

Happy Birthday, Love ya

Grace gets mail and meet the teacher night

Finding out who her teacher is

Grace got a card on Wednesday telling us she got Ms. Whitney for her teacher and we went to meet her on Thursday night.

Dance class starts back

getting ready for dance class


My sweet girl with her new dance bag