Saturday, November 29, 2008

First Build a Bear Trip

We took Grace to the Build a Bear at Broadway.
She chose her bear, a Panda.

Waiting to stuff her bear.
Giving him a heart.

Now he needs a good bath.

Lets make him a Birth Certificate. She named him Tigger.

And last but not least, lets give the little fellow some clothes. Thanks Aunt Bonny for the shorts, I still say the little guy could have come home in a tshirt and underwear. :)

As always I had a great time. Hope everyone had a wonderful Black Friday.

Gracies First Christmas Shopping Trip

You re still a cutey even when you try to hide your face.
Friday, Grace went on her very first Christmas Shopping trip. I figured I could get away with it this year, and I did, it went well. Poor Bonny was sick, she had figured her and Grace would rest since she was sure Grace would not last all day.
She dances to her own beat.
Grace and Ashlee, just how cute are these two?

My baby girl, only asked to be carried one, and she kept up the entire day.

She has discovered the fish and ducks. She would have fed them all day!
When you throw in the food, they all try to get it. If you look good, you can see the fish in the water. These fish are HUGE!

We met Bonny at Walmart at 6, from there we headed to Myrtle Beach. We usually hit two outlet shops there, Bass Pro Shop and Broadway at the beach. This year we only did one outlet and skipped the Bass Pro Shop, so we were actually home in time for supper.

Broadway has a new store. SUGAR something, this very large store was WALL to WALL sugar, it was unreal. I spent $26 dollars and came out with a rather SMALL bag. But there was some really neat stocking stuffers there.

Death by a broken heart

Or close to it anyway.
Like most mothers, I am very sentimental. If my house were to catch fire, after my kids and pets, I would want my pictures.
On Friday I went Shopping and left a list of things for PaulPaul to do. His list is still INCOMPLETE!
Most of my Christmas stuff are in the Red and Green Rubbermaid containers, all but two boxes.
When we drove up Friday night, he actually had most of the lights up, but several of them were out. He just does not listen to me sometimes.
I did see a few things in the foyer and figured, he didn't get all of the stuff like I had asked. It rained most of the night and was still raining when I got up with Paul Ray. YES, he had all of my stuff on the back porch in the pouring rain. I started yelling, made it get up. His dad yelled. It was not a good moment. I have a lot of nice things for Christmas, some worth a nice little penny. However my most valuable things were in the paperbox (I don't know why) and they can NOT be replaced with money. My most valuable things are the things the boys made throughout the year. Every year I take these out and remember when they were little. I would not trade those things for anything.
All I could do was cry as I sat there trying to dry them off. Paul Ray laid newspaper on the island and we laid them all out to dry. Some were lost and alot of the writing is now gone.
He also had the nerve to tell me later in the day when I had calmed down that it was my fault, that he told me to get more Rubbermaid containers. URRRRHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhh.

Yes, this is the wrapping paper from one of the gifts.
This says Rocky, because PaulPaul went through a few years where he wanted a new name. This year it was Rocky.

Dont you like my Purple and red angle with the black hair.

This was a bag that a gift came in.
This year he was going by Chris's name.


Thursday, November 27, 2008


As we celebrate Thanksgiving this year, I have so much to be thankful for.

To start with, we are celebrating our first Thanksgiving with our beautiful little girl. What a wonderful blessing she has been to our lives.
I have two healthy wonderful (sometimes) sons that bring me more joy than heartache. The both have manners in this world full of people who do not. I talked to Paul's counselor at school this week and she reduced me to tears. She went on to tell me thank you for raising a well mannered, respectful young man. God has blessed me wonderfully with children. I have also been blessed with a wonderful young lady for my soon to be daughter in law. I know she loves my son and takes good care of him. What more can a mother ask.
I have a husband who has always supported his family without fail. He has blessed me over and over. He says I'm spoiled, I prefer well loved. He is a unique man who doesn't show his emotions (unless he's mad) :) but now has a little girl who brings them all out now.
I have parents who have always stood beside me. I always knew I was loved, it was never questioned. They raised me to know right from wrong. I had a wonderful childhood.
I am an only child who gained 3 siblings when I married Paul Ray. His family also lives close by. His mom watched the boys when they were little so that I could work. Paul Ray was very close to his family, which was one of the things that attracted me to him.
I have an awesome boss that allows me to bring Grace to work and gives me the time that I need for her. As bosses go, He is the BEST!
I have a best friend that has been at my side for the last 20 years, she is the sister I never had.
There are so many things to be thankful for today, there are so many people who don't have nearly as much.
I hope you all have something to be thankful for today.
One more thing, I'm also thankful for my online friends, you guys are awesome.

A big surprise sent from Santa

We have a new tradition, as well as a temporary live in friend. When Gracie woke up this morning, this is what she found. How did that little guy get in here. He was sent from Santa to watch over her to see if she is being good or bad. He will report to Santa each night and return every day. Gracie cant touch him or he'll loose his magic. He will stay until Christmas eve and will not return until until next Thanksgiving.

Thank you Aunt Donna! We love you.
Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving.
And to those of you shopping tomorrow, have fun! Bonny and I will be making our annual trek to Myrtle Beach. Its another tradition we have. Gracie and Ashlee Gail will be going with us.
Much Love

A Traitor among us!

Paul Paul hadnt been gone a few minutes when his dog, Neli was at Gracies feet. I put her in the tub and went back to check on her. I thought it was too cute to pass up. Def Blog Worthy.

The many faces of my baby girl

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Merry Christmas Devan

We made our annual trip downtown on Sunday. The Winges ring in the Christmas season by attending this event. Its a way to include Devan.

This one is one of my favorites, its Chris and Donna with Christopher in the middle (at least I think it's Christopher)

Merry Christmas Devan
We love you!


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Brandon fell in love with this little guy. For only $400 you got him and a cage, the second one only cost $200. They were too cute.

I promise her coat was only off for 2 minutes. It was pretty chilly today.

I have much more from today but they will have to wait.
Have a nice night.