Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Last Day and Happy Birthday

The very best picture! PRICELESS
This is at the Grand Floridian, we had breakfast there before leaving. I'll post those pictures later, along with update of Gracie's eye appt.

By the look on his face, I think it is safe to say he is sick of having a camera in his face for so long.
A few pics from the hotel before we leave.

Just realized both kids are looking elsewhere.

What better way to start your birthday than waking up in the Happiest Place on Earth!!!! Uh, now Gracie wants to go for her birthday.
Dear Hubby driving my nice new car! He likes it. It is unusual for him to drive.

Erin was nice enough to have dinner for us when we got home, so we only stopped for lunch, gas and one rest area!

Happy Birthday Little Man, oops sorry, Happy Birthday My Prince! Glad you were able to go with us.

Ok, that only leave one more set of pics to post.

Have a good night.

1 comment:

Kristin said...

I am loving these Disney pictures!! I am so glad you all had a good time. Makes me wish I was there too!!

Cracked me up about your husband driving your car when he doesn't usually do so. My husband hates driving my van. Really does. He'll drive on a long trip if I ask him to. But he doesn't volunteer very often!