Friday, November 14, 2008

Grace's Eye Appointment

Grace went to a specialist the Thursday we came home. Her regular doctor felt he may be able to do something to help with her distance vision.
He def wants to do a thorough exam while she is under, then also do some work on the alignment. She tends to turn her head when she is looking at things.
She is scheduled for the first Friday in Dec.
Can you believe its December Already! Whew, Time needs to slow down, it is flying past me. Darius Rucker has a song out that brings me to tears. Starts out with him singing about his newborn baby girl and his wife telling him not to worry, just hang on, it wont always be like this. Then about the little girl going to school and the teacher having to pull the child off his leg, and the teacher says to just hang on, it'll only last a week or two. He goes on to sing that it wont always be like this, she'll be grown and gone before he knows it. Isn't that the truth, I've got one that has left home, another will be following soon I'm sure. I hope I'll finally be ready for a empty nest when Grace is old enough.
And talking about schools, we have got to decide where we are sending her to school. I've already told Paul Ray he is going to have to go with me the first day. I cried when PaulPaul and Brandon started school. I cant even image how bad this one will be, I've turned into a blubbering fool in my old age. Just the thought of not being with her all day worries me, I don't like to think about it.
Grace is a very shy little thing around new people and in new surroundings. She is not a pushy child. Kids in today's world are not raised with manners and to think about others. She will wait her turn even when she is pushed out of line. I love that she is a "Lady" but I'm afraid of her being bullied. I can not image her raising her hand to hurt someone or/and maybe not even to defend herself. I want her to be that Prime and Proper Little Lady, a Princess if you will, and I don't see anything wrong with that. I certainly don't want her to be a spoiled thing, but behave like a Lady, Yes I Do!
Don't you love how my topics start out with one thing and end up totally somewhere else, that is how my mind has been going. In huge circles! My boss thinks I'm loosing my mind.
Hope you all have a great weekend. I'm cleaning on Saturday, after sleeping in I HOPE! Sunday morning, I'm going with Lyndsey, Brandon and her family to see the sight where they want to have the wedding. Then I have lots of work to catch up on. Monday our Social Worker is coming for our 6 month check up, we rescheduled from last month. Lets hope it doesn't rain much. The last time she was here, it had rained so hard, we had her park down the road and picked her up, I kid you not! I miss living in a neighborhood (didn't think I would) but boy I do!!!!!
Good Night,
who gets to have her first Christmas with a little girl!!!!!!!


Kristin said...

I hope you got to sleep late today! We didn't here...bummer.

I know what you mean about kids nowadays not being raised to respect others. I see it in school all the time. I teach my quieter students how to stand up for themselves using loud words. Not yelling necessarily but making the point to the offending child that whatever is happening needs to stop!

I'll bet that once Grace is in school and around kids all the time, she'll begin to be able to stand up for herself just fine.

Have fun with the wedding planning. :-)

wingepr said...

I sure hope that she will learn to take care of herself. She is such a sweet child and I hate the thought that she may loose that.

Been up for an hour, so no sleeping in her either.