Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Social Worker Visit

We had our 6 month (its actually been 7 months) visit with our Social Worker yesterday. I was a little concerned how Grace would do. I explained to her what would be happening. She played shy for about 3 minutes and then turned on the charm. She showed her pictures, told her who they were (for the most part), she sang and dance. She played the guitar for her, showed her some of her toys. She was just awesome. I'm looking forward to what the world brings my little girl.
Our SW was very pleased that she was doing so well and seems to be bonded all ready. I told her I had planned for the worse, but knock on wood, it hasn't showed up yet.
On another note, I emailed a letter to our Guide to translate and forward to Grace's foster family. I hope that they are able to email us back. I want so much for her foster mother to know how well she is doing. It breaks my heart at her loss. I admire all of you parents who foster children, knowing they will or could leave your home. God gave you a great big gift. God Bless You.
Well I must get to bed, it'll be time for work in a few hours.
Good Night


Kristin said...

So glad the SW visit went well! My girls were always shy initially too. But then they wouldn't stop talking and likely got annoying.

How wonderful that you are able to get a letter to Grace's foster mom. We don't have that connection. Wish we did. I can send photos to the orphanage and hope they get shared, but you never know.

Abby's orphanage sends us a Christmas card every year. I really need to send them a card and pictures too. I think of it often but never seem to follow through. Maybe you'll inspire me!

Carrie said...

congrats on the big day-glad to hear it went well!