Wednesday, October 19, 2011

If anyone is looking for a really cool pool cue, let me know!  Its a Meucci Cameo!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Are we really in October already?

Its so hard to find the time to keep up with everything.  Grace is loving 1st grade and doing very well.   She continues to amaze me, she is still such a sweet girl.    She keeps me very busy, so between work and her, that's my life. 

We had to find a new a new piano teacher when her teacher starting working full time at the church.  We now drive to Mt Pleasant each week, but Grace likes her teacher and is actually doing very well.

She still takes dance (for now) she is taking a tap class and a jazz/hip hop class.  She however has decided she wants a horse, we're not sure where that came from...

She has also had a few sleepovers, her having someone here and her staying somewhere else, she did much better than I did with that.   But she goes to a small school and the kids in her class get along so well together , I sure hope it stays that way.

Grace and Sierra

Grace is a Jr Generals cheerleader, they get to cheer with the big girls at a Varsity Football game.

Grace and her Aunt Bonny

one of her closet friends, they've been in the same class since K4

She is still such a daddy's girl

her first sleep over

Its homecoming week.  This was tacky day, her favorite.

She's got SPIRIT yes she does, how about you?

she had her nails painted blue and gold, she had a CA on both cheeks, she was decked and ready

 On Friday of homecoming week, they have a small parade, the uppershcool kids ride around for the lower kids, and it is a GREAT day.  

and the CROWD went WILD

 the cheerleaders arrived via a Hummer pulling a LARGE boat.  It was too large to do the regular loop so the kids had to go to it.

 Friday afternoon Pep rally, the Junior Generals got to do a cheer, they were AWESOME