Friday, October 31, 2008

Well at this rate, I'll get everything posted by Sunday. I'm exhausted and watching the polls is getting very frustrating. I'm hoping for better news when I get up.

I'm not sure why but I just have a really bad felling about this country and Obama winning.

Hope you have a good night.

Day 3 Post 6 Breakfast

Well the first adventure of the day was Grace fell off the bed. Mind you at home she sleeps between Paul and I. On this trip she was a big girl and slept with Christopher. Paul had her in his arms before she had a chance to cry. I love watching the two of them. Her lip is finally starting to look better. When we did the big trip with the boys and family. Devan and Chris were in one bed together and I think he kicked her out during the night and Granny had to take her to the ER to get her lip removed from her braces. Poor Baby, she was not happy. It must be a girl thing!

It got uglier every day.

Our first stop of the day was the Polynesian (if I spelled it right) for a character breakfast. It was really nice and we enjoyed it. It was our first time to this hotel.

Grace loves MICKEY

Stitch! It was too funny. My Prince was eating breakfast ignoring the outside world around him, Mickey had come and gone. We snapped a few before they knew what was taking place.

Wouldn't you think, they would have noticed the big blue thing by now.

BUSTED BUD! Neither of them liked him, so he was quickly on his way. Grace then moved to my lap.

The Prince had a blast with the next one.

Looks like a really big smile to me. After they all came around they did the parade around the dining room. They were having fun, till Stitch snuck up on Gracie, she was done then.

Ouch, Look out Daddy, that looks like it could hurt!

Mickey was leading the parade.

Gracie was in Awe for the whole trip. Everything is still so new to her. She is still telling her Daddy, "Oh thank you for taking me to see Mickey" She is just the sweetest thing I've ever known. God's plan for us was so perfect. She completes our family, I hate to think of her not being with me all day, and going to school.

Daddy must have had a good time, because I've already heard him tell her we would go back!!!!!!

I'm thinking my next vacation needs to be a 7 day cruise with as many sea days as possible, just put me in a chair and check on me every few hours!

Day 3 Post 7 Magic Kingdom


Day 3 Post 9 Happy Halloween

OK, they loved the carousel

i think they somewhat enjoyed the show

Grace looks happy but I dont remember where this was taken

Funny, they were awake going into It's A Small World. The Prince was out half way through and Grace made it till almost the end.
Time to go back to our room and take a well needed Nap. Well Mom needed one anyway.
Alright, we've had our naps, and they kids are dressed. I really wish I could have found us an outfit to wear, I'd say 80% of people (including adults) were decked out. Now I will say, there were several who I thought should have really thought about what they were wearing and where they were out. Seriously people, we are at Disney World, do you think it was appropriate to look like a street walk, huh, I DONT THINK SO. And do you remember the Minnie outfit that I should you that looked like a "hooker" would wear, well it was there.

I love these shots. I have one of Christoper and Adam from last year.

Can you tell her arm is around him, trust me when I say, he does NOT like it. I think he broke her out of this before we got home. She loves her boys, what can I say.
It was our plan to trick or treat before the parade, no, we had to rethink that, people were already lining the streets before 6. So we got a spot and I went in search of dinner. We had hot dogs. We ended up sitting next to another little girl who came home for Korea at the age of 5.5 MONTHS. She was also four. Her and her mom were snow white.

Oh hear it comes.

Gracie is loving this parade as you can tell.

OK, here is her very first Trick or Treat! I think she likes it, uh, I say trick or treat and they give me whole HAND full of candy.

Most of the kids dont even say trick or treat, which was a little depressing. But the lines were long. I think we hit 8 or so of them.

OK, we've had our candy, now what.

As you can tell she thought the fireworks were too loud. We were half way watching them and halfway making our way to the exit, we were exhausted.

Only one more day left. Gracie already talks of going back. Hey, lets try the Disney Cruise next. You can play, I can rest.
OH and Note to anyone thinking of going to Disney for Halloween, which I would do again and pay the money. Just remember the costume you pick out for your young child to wear and the words, potty NOW, you need to be able to get it off and back on in a bathroom stall.

Day 3 Post 8 A Prince and his Princess

The line for the Princess was 20 minutes, the line for the fairies was 90 minutes, yes 90. Whew, thank goodness, she didn't have a clue about any of them.

The talk so soft and sweet, and my baby girl was just in awe.

Meeting Cinderella for the first time.

Blowing daddy a kiss.NOW for some reason, Belle was her favorite, maybe because she has a Belle Doll. She hasn't seen any of the movies yet, but she will, I'm going to have a chat with Santa about that.

Now she looks like she is just falling onto her, but my precious girl was trying NOT to step on her dress, I can not lie, I had tears in my eyes from the get go.

And she didn't want to talk, she just wanted to hug her.

OK, now I know you are wondering about the title of this post! Well this is when Little Man became known as the Little Prince and he was NOT happy. Now most men would be in heaven with three Princesses throwing themselves at him, but not this one. He was not happy that he had to stand in line to wait to see a bunch of old girls, but he certainly was NOT going to speak to them and forget about a picture. He stood/sat behind Paul Ray while he was taking pictures of Gracie. They called him a Prince from the time we entered the room. We were unaware they were taking his pictures until right before we left. They tried talking to him from the time we walked in and was not responding. I was busy watching Gracie.Let me tell you, the photographers were snapping pictures left and right. There were 52 on our photo pass card and 48 of them were in this one room.

When Belle came around to join the fun, he said that's it, I've had it and got up. We're were rolling in laughter, it was too much. You can always count on him for a good laugh.