Thursday, October 2, 2008

Senior Year

I don't know how families with kids back to back can afford Senior Year and all that goes with it. I had forgotten all the little things that go into Senior Year until today. He came home with his "Senior Supplies" order forms, and I quote "hey mom I need a check, and if I order by next Friday with a deposit I can get my tshirt and shorts now" then it was "how much do I get" that's my baby boy. I still haven't gotten his ring yet, gotta order that so he'll get it for Christmas.

The list is endless with what you need. or scratch that, what you want!

Lets see, theres the : 09
car magnate
car tassel
key ring
and and lets not forget what you HAVE to have:
cap and gown
name cards
party invitations
oh the list is endless
but he gets it honest, I've always wanted both my boys to have everything. My oldest, Brandon was in the band, and told me POINT blank, do not order me a lettermans jacket, I don't want it, well I ordered it, cause in my book, he had to have it, well guess how many times it was worn, that's right folks, ZERO! That's OK, I'd do it again, I think. I miss those days, Friday night football games, I loved watching him perform. Sorry, I got sidetracked down memory lane, back to the current Senior. PaulPaul on the other hand is just like me, its available, I need it!!!!! I would say I cant wait till those days come with Gracie, but I learned NOT to wish away these times, to enjoy them as they come, because before you know it, they are gone, and you are not ready, at all. I wasn't ready for Brandon to leave, and I wont be ready for Paul to leave, and I'm hoping I'll just be too old to know the difference with Grace hits that age.
I know that I've been blessed, my parents loved me raised me to know it, and to punish me when needed. I have a best friend that has stuck by me for over 20 years now (wow we are old - well she's older than me, I actually met her and Paul Ray the same day) we have family that sticks with us, even when they don't want to. I married the "man of my dreams" (who I thought walked on water, but even after finding out that he doesn't and will sink like the next guy, I still love him), I have TWO wonderful (well mannered -for the most part-) sons that I adore, and if that wasn't enough, God granted me the honor of a beautiful sweet, little girl, that I waited long enough for to know how precious she really is.
I promise this post didn't start out to be an emotional one, but it sure turned that way.
My daughter is at this very moment singing and playing the guitar for her "bestest" friend. Scroll down to the picture of her and the scarecrow, yes, she carries it around and plays with it. I think she needs a friend to play with.
Well I've got work to do so I better get with it. And my baby boy is calling me to come look at his clean truck, he was cleaning his truck instead of the inside house like he was told. Ah life!!!


Kristin said...

Oh I hear you! As a mom to a senior also, I totally understand. I just paid for the yearbook, senior ad, t-shirt, dues, and who knows what else? I was warned to keep my checkbook open all year. That does not sound good to me!! Fortunately, our son is three years behind so we have time to catch up. Whew!

LyndseyLou said...

aww, makes me miss senior year =]