Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Day one, and NO COOLER

Still at work counting down the time to leave.

Our plan for Wednesday (since I got my car on Tuesday) was I would take Gracie to dance class at 4, and we would leave from there. Somehow things never go the way they are planned. I could not get Gracie to take a nap, too excited, I think! So of course she fell asleep 20 minutes before time to leave for Dance, Great. That makes three weeks NO DANCE. I figured, well at least we wont be so late getting there (yeah, again, things don't go as planned).

Do you think she has enough stuff in her lap.

It seems when ever we take a road trip, Paul Ray takes this same pose. (Funny, I'm always driving- he does drive a while on the way home)

So, I leave the office at 3ish, with him suppose to be right behind me, we were going to leave his car at Chris & Erins. Well, he can never leave work as planned, there is always JUST ONE MORE THING he needs to do, and now that he has a blackberry, it is always with us.

I had to stop by Bonnys to drop off some paperwork, and we were trying to figure out the DVD and sorts that I didnt know how to operate.

He calls to say he is at Erins, so I head that way. Well one of the batteries for the headset was dead, so we had to stop by the store. It was five before we headed out of Charleston.

Let me tell you now, I DID NOT PACK A COOLER, this was the most unorganized trip I have ever took. I like to plan and then have everything just right. Well with the car and everything else going on, I was lucky to have the reservations right.

Did I tell you I didnt pack a cooler, my dear sweet hubby (who only has to get himself to the car, because I pack for him) told me about 25 times a day that I did NOT pack a cooler. "I cannot beleive you didnt pack a cooler", "Weve never did a day trip without a cooler" Do you get the picture there.

The kids were great, they watched the two movies and did really well. We stopped somewhere in Ga (I think) for dinner. Again I didnt pack a cooler, I want you all to get that, as I did the entire trip.

We were about 1.5 hours from Disney when Gracie looses it. She is still such a home body. She likes to go and do, but when she is ready to go home, she is ready TO GO HOME. We think, she may have thought we were going to China, we're really unsure. Paul got in the back next to her and the poor baby, she was so upset. Finally, as much as I hated it, we took her out of the seat, just to get her calm. Riding with out a seat belt is not something I do, but at this point, we felt it was best. There was NO where to pull over due to the road construction, so we took the first exit and got gas, and let her walk around and talk to her. After that she was fine. I think she just neeeded a little reassurance.

So about 1230 we stroll up to the Contemporary. I was so excited, because it meant I was going to bed. My head finally hit the pillow at about 1:15. I was so tempted not to get up the next morning, but I did.

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Kristin said...

Oh the poor baby. Not a fun first night. I hope the trip improved!