Thursday, October 30, 2008

Day Two Post 5

Once we finished breakfast it was off to explore the park. We did the safari first and they both enjoyed it.
There were taken in the Boneyard!. We actually lost sight of our Little Prince briefly. He came down first and was ready to go again, so I said go and watched him go up the stairs. Then Paul and Grace went up a smaller slide. Paul called to get my attention b/c he was sending Grace down first alone, so I'm sure the Prince came down at that time and went right back up. He is quick!!!!

She was a little scared, but loved it.

NOW, did you ever think you would see this. Anything for his little girl!
This was a common sight, and not one complaint. He pushed them in the stroller, he carried them and he did it all as a perfect gentlemen, except for his complaint of NO COOLER.

The Petting Zoo, I cant believe she actually petted the goat, my dad has a few and she cant stand it if they look at her.

After seeing Animal Kingdom we went back to the room after a snack and we ALL took a very LOOONG nap. It was well after four when I woke up. It was my plan to go to Hollywood studios, but since it was so late, we decided to go over to Epcot since there would not be alot to do there.
My Prince was excited to ride spaceship earth (think that is the name, the big ball). He was thrilled to be riding in a spaceship looking down on earth.

We didnt buy much of anything this trip. PaulPaul couldnt believe we came home with NOTHING For him. The only things I did buy were a few things for Christmas for Grace. Paul did buy both kids a balloon and a necklas thing that lighted up. We did spend $60 for pictures taken at two breakfasts and I'll buy one or two from our photopass.

We also have pictures that we bought from the breakfast, I'll get around to posting them at some point.

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