Thursday, October 2, 2008

Misreablely over weight!!!!

Teresa over at "Continuing the Journey" posted a challenge to loose weight with her. She is returning to China for her second adoption, and during the wait is going to loose weight.

Well I've accepted her challenge and am going to try. I have so reached the point of just plain miserable. My clothes don't fit, I don't feel well, and in general, very BLAH!

I'm certainly not going to cut everything out cold turkey, cause you know I love my Pepsi!!!

I would like to loose weight before PaulPauls graduation and Brandon's wedding. Wow, that makes my head spin, so much in the future. Lets not forget Grace will start some kind of preschool in January and then kindergarten in August.

So I'm off to the scale, if it doesn't break, we can get started. Anybody else want to join in????

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Teresa =) said...

Peggy -

I'm so excited you're joining my fitness challenge!!! We can do it, girlfriend. I'll be checking in on you and need you to do the same with me -- it'll keep me honest!!

Teresa =)