Friday, October 31, 2008

Day 3 Post 7 Magic Kingdom

OK, Breakfast is over and its time to head to the park. Gracies first time to the Magic Kingdom, so exciting!!!!!

This Little thing here has one thing on his mind, he remember so well the race cars from last year when we took him! He could not get there fast enough! Remember that, when we get to a picture below and he is not in it.

Watching the preopening show. We think she was able to see some of it. She did see more than I had hoped she would.

Ok, now notice Christopher is not in the pic below, he had an attitude because we were not getting to the race cars fast enough. I surely do not eveny his parents at all, I love dearly Chris, but he is going to keep you on your toes.
This would have been the first time for PaulRay going to Disney and not being able to ride the big rides. He was so disappointed. (I hate Space Mountain). However, I told him we would gladly wait on him. So here he is, first thing he waited in line to ride his most favorite ride. God, I'm getting old. QUICKLY>

I took the kids to the arcade while we waited. They really enjoyed that, we had the whole place to ourselves. They would have been happy staying right there, uh, I DONT THINK SO!

Ski Ball was a bad choice on my part!
After we played a few games we went and waited for daddy to appear! He is such a good man. I have NO engery, but that is another post entirely, and Paul Ray did so much to make sure the kids had a great trip. He continues to amaze me every day.

OK, we are FINALLY in line for what the MAN came for! Move out his way.
He cant see over the top, but that does not matter. He loves driving.Who Me, I didnt hit that car! and I wasnt speeding either.
We've made it to Minnies House. Now as you know Minnie is a girl. Christopher was not interested and there would be NO pics of him in a girls house. Yea, just wait another 10 years bud, you'll change your mind.
Gracies using Minnies stove.
On Minnies couch.

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