Friday, October 31, 2008

Day 3 Post 9 Happy Halloween

OK, they loved the carousel

i think they somewhat enjoyed the show

Grace looks happy but I dont remember where this was taken

Funny, they were awake going into It's A Small World. The Prince was out half way through and Grace made it till almost the end.
Time to go back to our room and take a well needed Nap. Well Mom needed one anyway.
Alright, we've had our naps, and they kids are dressed. I really wish I could have found us an outfit to wear, I'd say 80% of people (including adults) were decked out. Now I will say, there were several who I thought should have really thought about what they were wearing and where they were out. Seriously people, we are at Disney World, do you think it was appropriate to look like a street walk, huh, I DONT THINK SO. And do you remember the Minnie outfit that I should you that looked like a "hooker" would wear, well it was there.

I love these shots. I have one of Christoper and Adam from last year.

Can you tell her arm is around him, trust me when I say, he does NOT like it. I think he broke her out of this before we got home. She loves her boys, what can I say.
It was our plan to trick or treat before the parade, no, we had to rethink that, people were already lining the streets before 6. So we got a spot and I went in search of dinner. We had hot dogs. We ended up sitting next to another little girl who came home for Korea at the age of 5.5 MONTHS. She was also four. Her and her mom were snow white.

Oh hear it comes.

Gracie is loving this parade as you can tell.

OK, here is her very first Trick or Treat! I think she likes it, uh, I say trick or treat and they give me whole HAND full of candy.

Most of the kids dont even say trick or treat, which was a little depressing. But the lines were long. I think we hit 8 or so of them.

OK, we've had our candy, now what.

As you can tell she thought the fireworks were too loud. We were half way watching them and halfway making our way to the exit, we were exhausted.

Only one more day left. Gracie already talks of going back. Hey, lets try the Disney Cruise next. You can play, I can rest.
OH and Note to anyone thinking of going to Disney for Halloween, which I would do again and pay the money. Just remember the costume you pick out for your young child to wear and the words, potty NOW, you need to be able to get it off and back on in a bathroom stall.

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