Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Brandon

My first born turned 23 today. This was his first birthday not living at home. I have to tell you it was so weired not having him here. I dont remember another one where he wasn't home. I missed one of Pauls when he was at camp, but I cant remember missing Brandon's. We're having a birthday dinner tomorrow and Lyndsey's family is coming. Should be lots of fun, however it rained really hard here today, and anyone who keeps up with my blog knows what that means. My yard is now a mess!!!! GREAT.
I'll post some pictures after the party. Going to turn in now, gots lots to do tomorrow.. With any luck, there may be a car in my future weekend plans.

Happy Birthday Brandon, I love you!


Kristin said...

Happy Birthday Brandon! Hope everyone enjoys a fun celebration tomorrow---without rain. It rained here all day too.

Hope the car situation gets fixed! Keep us updated. :-)

LyndseyLou said...

It was TONS of fun, my dad really likes the kids, im pretty sure, and today he told me he had lots of fun.

Maybe soon we will be doing holidays together! :)