Saturday, October 11, 2008

6 Months Already

OK, I'm a little behind with that one. Gotcha Day was March 31st. The picture below is of the car ride from the orphanage.

They were in love from the get go.

Two Peas
What a silly grin! (it was for daddy)

That sweet little girl who was so brave the day they handed her to us has changed so much.

When we got her, she had to ALWAYS have on her clothes, always, right down to her socks. Now, most days she runs around the house in her underware! We get home from the office, and before I can start dinner she has stripped her clothes off.

Her paperwork said, Shy! Other than the fact that she will clam up with new people. There is NOTHING shy about this child.

I feel for her teachers, this kid talks NON stop, I swear on the way home, Thursday, she never shut her mouth, not once! Have you seen the Volvo commercial with the dad and the little girl, well that is Grace. TALK, TALK, TALK. Whew, who knew a kid could talk so much. Riding to Florida with her and Christopher should be interesting, because for a boy, that child can also talk. I'm thinking a dose of Benadryl, (just kidding).

If you sneeze and you are in the other room, you can count on Gracie saying "Bless You" and Lord help you, if she sneezes, and you don't say "Bless You".

She is still so sweet, she is pretty good at sharing. She still has her daddy wrapped around her little finger. She will not share her picture book, they one we sent to her in China. She also likes to take out her box of clothes (the ones she came to us wearing) every so often and go through it.

You do not leave with out telling her Good by and giving her a hug. Which reminds me, Uncle Chris didn't tell her goodbye last night! She was not happy.

If her feelings are hurt, she will walk away and put her head down, That will break your heart.

She is NOT a morning person. However, I only had to threaten her once that I would take her TV away for the night, if she misbehaved like she did one morning this week.

She will taste anything ONCE. I made that rule from the get go, which does not work in my favor. I am by nature a very Picky Eater. Grace will point out to me, You have to taste it. She loves ice cream, all fruit, most cookies, loves her China Chicken as she calls it, there is really not much that she wont eat.

She loves to play the guitar, sing and dance. She can make up a song with no problem, they don't always make sense, but that is OK.

She is very opinionated. If she doesn't like a song on the radio, she expects you to turn it over. She knows what songs she like and her current favorite is Kid Rock, Singing Sweet Home Alabama All Summer Long (I'm sure that is not the name, but I don't know it). She can sing parts of it, it is too cute.

Any kind of bug bite, leaves her with marks for months! We stay inside ALOT.

She does not like to get her feet dirty, and that includes her shoes. She would prefer to be carried to the car.

She loves going to work with Mommy, and she still loves my boss, Tom! He doesn't get to leave the office without a hug and kiss first. Yesterday, she told him, wait Mr Tom, you have to hug mommy! UH, say goodbye GRACE, Mr Tom has to go. He thought that was funny. I catch him playing with her all the time. God has certainly blessed us.

She adores her two brothers, however they are boys, and currently, in her eyes, Boys are NASTY. That's right baby girl, they are nasty, and I hope you don't ever forget that!

She talks about her family in China now. She will not speak Chinese, when we talk to Helen on the video conference, she makes Helen speak to her in English. She understands it, but right now in her life, she is strongly not wanting to show her Chinese Side. Every once in a while I can get her to sing her Chinese Song. She wont even watch the video's of her singing and speaking in Chinese.

She still sleeps right next to her Daddy, she still squeals with delight when he comes home.

She does not like Loud nosies.

She speaks English very well for being here six months.

She has a eye appointment on Monday, cant wait to see how that goes. Lets hope they don't change her glasses yet.

Life with Grace is anything but dull! I'm so glad that God saved this child for us, I cant image life without her.

The next six months holds so many first. I am so excited to share them with her. Lets see, there will be her first trip to Disney, Thanksgiving, our annual trip downtown to start the holidays (Hospice Ceremony - which is a way for our family to include Devan, not that we need something, she is still always close to our minds) Christmas, Oh, I love Christmas. The list of things I want for her are endless. The top of that list is her own camera, she is addicted to camera and taking pictures.

She is just at the perfect age, she is just perfect for us!

When I say to Gracie

You Know What, she replies, I love you Too

Then I say, you know what else, she says My Beautiful

Then I say, you know what else, she say, I go see Mickey!

Life is Good! Just wanted to share some of Grace with you.


Kay Bratt said...

Sounds like a solid case of "I'm in love with Grace..."

Cute post.


Kristin said...

Golly, how did I miss this post the other day??? Classic case of read the top post and not scroll down. I love this post!! What an amazing six months. :-)

By the way, you've been tagged. Check out my blog for details. :-)