Thursday, October 30, 2008

Day Two of our adventure POST

This is what they looked like the first morning. They got up with no problem. Our first breakfast reservations was at 9, so we didnt have to leave until 8ish.
Stroller: OK, we borrowed this from Erin. Let me just say, if you're looking for a work out, use one of these, pushing two 30 plus lb kids around a park all day. All I can say is, WOW! Erin should have arms of steel.
Now, my dear hubby told Erin before we left, I'm not pushing that, you wont catch me dead pushing that!!!!!!! I just love this picture. And this is the first morning. hehehehehehhe

Weather, ok, who goes to Fl for cool weather. Tuesday, they had a record low. OK< class="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_4">didnt check the weather after like, Saturday. We didnt have a lot of warm clothes to choose from, well at least Paul and I didnt.
Gracies first bus ride in the park, we're headed to the Animal Kingdom.

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