Friday, October 17, 2008


Well its been many a years since I've been stranded on the side of the road! Long before I had a cell phone (well except for the flat tire). My 2004 explorer has over 83,000 miles on it (no this is not a cry for a new car) about a month or so ago the "Check Engine Light Soon" came on, and I do what every Wife would do. I told the dear hubby. He didn't think it was anything, and was against me taking it to the car dealership. I should have just did it anyway.
The story gets better. So I call the dear hubby, NO ANSWER, repeatedly. So I call who I always call, my knight in shiner armor, my baby boy, who I'm sure speeds to get there. Poor Gracie lost it, she was so upset, she was afraid we would not get back home. She cheered up once PaulPaul showed up. Still unable to reach my husband (it is hunting season and he has been working alot lately) and once I did, I was not very nice at all, I think he may have hung up on me at some point. So my parents came and we pulled the car back to their house. The husband said he'll look at it tomorrow. He has never been fond of that car, I went out and bought it on my own and without any discussion. Its always been a good car but the thought of being stranded is not a good one. I'll keep you posted.
Tomorrow, PaulPaul, myself and Gracie are suppose to be going to a car show at the local outlet mall. Lets hope for good weather. Hopefully by the time we get home, Paul Ray should be getting off work and ready to look at my car.

I was going to post a picture of Paul and his truck but blogger wont let me at the moment.

Have a great weekend!


LyndseyLou said...

Did this happen today???

AFter you dropped off that check

Carrie said...

Hey I need to save your email- I got us at Boma Rest. it is in the Animal Kindom resort for 640pm- that was the earliest they had and I didn't know know how many people you are bringing? I said 8 because we are leaving the boys at grandmas so that isa four for us- email me!

Kristin said...

I read this the other day and meant to comment, but life interfered. Having just been through major car issues, I totally understand your frustrations!!

And, each time the transmission went out (yes, each time---not just once), my husband was out of the country. AGGH!!!