Friday, October 31, 2008

Day 3 Post 6 Breakfast

Well the first adventure of the day was Grace fell off the bed. Mind you at home she sleeps between Paul and I. On this trip she was a big girl and slept with Christopher. Paul had her in his arms before she had a chance to cry. I love watching the two of them. Her lip is finally starting to look better. When we did the big trip with the boys and family. Devan and Chris were in one bed together and I think he kicked her out during the night and Granny had to take her to the ER to get her lip removed from her braces. Poor Baby, she was not happy. It must be a girl thing!

It got uglier every day.

Our first stop of the day was the Polynesian (if I spelled it right) for a character breakfast. It was really nice and we enjoyed it. It was our first time to this hotel.

Grace loves MICKEY

Stitch! It was too funny. My Prince was eating breakfast ignoring the outside world around him, Mickey had come and gone. We snapped a few before they knew what was taking place.

Wouldn't you think, they would have noticed the big blue thing by now.

BUSTED BUD! Neither of them liked him, so he was quickly on his way. Grace then moved to my lap.

The Prince had a blast with the next one.

Looks like a really big smile to me. After they all came around they did the parade around the dining room. They were having fun, till Stitch snuck up on Gracie, she was done then.

Ouch, Look out Daddy, that looks like it could hurt!

Mickey was leading the parade.

Gracie was in Awe for the whole trip. Everything is still so new to her. She is still telling her Daddy, "Oh thank you for taking me to see Mickey" She is just the sweetest thing I've ever known. God's plan for us was so perfect. She completes our family, I hate to think of her not being with me all day, and going to school.

Daddy must have had a good time, because I've already heard him tell her we would go back!!!!!!

I'm thinking my next vacation needs to be a 7 day cruise with as many sea days as possible, just put me in a chair and check on me every few hours!

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