Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Just a quick note on our little princess. She is doing really well with her glasses. She wore them until about 3 today, without wanting to take them off. We need to have them adjusted already, but I was expecting that. We got her the ones that tint outside so we dont have to worry about sunglasses.

Our big girl slept in her bed all by herself last night, she went to sleep in it and woke up in it this morning at 8. I'm not letting her nap during the daytime if I can help it anymore. Whenever she has a nap, she tends to not be able to go to sleep at night. She was still wide awake at 9 pm last night. Then she sleeps until 8 which kinds throws me off for some reason. I had gotten used to getting her up at 7 and breakfast before 8.

She is tolerating the dogs a little better now, but still is uncomfortable playing with them around in the house.

She likes to play outside, but still does not like to be dirty. She is slowing getting used to all of our family. She going to meet my other family on Saturday. We're going to a cookout for Ashlee Gail's birthday, so Gracie will get to meet my Craven family then. I cant believe she is turning 13 already. My how times flies. She'll be 16 before you know it. I was at the hospital the night she was born. She has turned into a very lovely lady. I'm hoping her and Gracie can spend some time together this summer.

That sums up everything for now. I'll leave you with a cute picture of our little princess.


how sweet

Gracie Got her Glasses!!!!!

How cute!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Look at that smile

I was going through our pictures from China, and found a few more to share.

Look at his smile. I think this is on the Hong Kong Tour, fishing village maybe.
Killing time at the white swan, waiting on our ride to the airport.

One of the workers at the white swan, she loved Gracie, anytime she was working and we walked out of our room, you can bet she was going to play with her. At the White Swan, there is a station on each floor, where someone is standing to get the elevator for you.

I told you the room in Hong Kong was small, I was not kidding.

All in all it was a great trip. I'd return again for another little girl in a heartbeat. 2 boys, 2 girls, that just sounds perfect to me.

Monday, April 28, 2008

My Cousin, James (Bubba) gave Gracie this outfit. Fits perfectly and she loved it. Thank You.

2 weeks home with our baby girl

We've been home for two weeks now. Life is anything but dull. Gracie is an amazing child who has stolen the hearts of many, but most importantly, she IS a Daddys Girl. I always knew the man that I loved with a steel wall around his heart would melt with a little girl, and that is exactly what has happened. He is so in love with this little girl, I just sometimes sit in awe of the two of them and watch. God has certainly blessed my life. We have two boys who adore their sister. I dont think life could get any better.

She continues to bloom every day, however, we think she has decided that everyone else will begin speaking Chinese instead of her speaking English. Dont get me wrong, she can speak in English and if she wants something I make her tell me what it is, she just prefers Chinese. She can tell you her name, count to 20, and gets her ABC's right 98% of the time. She can sing several songs, including You Are My Sunshine. She hates to be dirty and still wants all of her dolls undressed. She loves to take a bath and brush her teeth. She eats well, she sleeps all night.

To me this child is just PERFECT!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thank You

This dress is from Gracie's, Aunt Donna. Thank you so much, she loves it.

Paul's Aunt Barbara and Uncle Roy gave Grace this dress and doll. The doll also has a matching dress. We cant wait to put it on her.
Gracie loves all of pretty things that everyone has given her, thank you all so very much.

Much Love.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Its amazing how much Hunter now looks like Christopher since they cut his hair. He's a handsome little thing.
What's a country boy to do on a Sunday afternoon, but ride his fourwheeler through the mud.
The newest of the bunch, Noah
Her smiles and laughter just make my heart melt all over again. How lucky can one person be?

No Words Needed for such a beautiful child!

Monday, April 21, 2008

He smiles so much more then he used to!
What a difference one little girl can make on one man.
Our dining room (which never had a dining room table anyway) is now, our office and Gracie's playroom.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

A week of Firsts

We arrived home one week ago today. She is no closer to liking our dogs. She wakes no later than 7 am (normally its no later than 6) and that is getting her to bed between 730 and 800 pm. She has three meals a day and generally is a wonderful child. She has her moments but she is doing so well. She is STILL a daddys girl. That does not seem to be changing at all. I make due during the day. I still have not gotten into a routine as far as cleaning house and doing my work work. I hope to accomplish that this week.

This week, she had her dr appt with Dr Boatwright, it wasn't bad. She is getting glasses, they should be in next week sometime. She did a wonderful job, she never cried once and she really was just very good. You dont get that from alot of kids who do understand English. I'm so proud of my baby girl.

She also attended her first birthday party. It was at Chucky Cheese. She used all her tokens and actually ate a pc of pizza. She had then had enough, so we made a quick exit, she can go from beautiful mode to Look Out in just a matter of seconds.

So we took her home and let her rest, she helped PaulPaul do his laundry.

It was then time for her first trip to Church. She did very well I must say. She spoke out once or twice in Chinese and the people behind us laughed. She made her way from lap to lap, Paul Paul, her baba, me Brandon and Lyndsey. She fell asleep on the way home and could not wake her up for dinner. She was up bright and early on Sunday, she had an early breakfast and was full throttle the whole day.

The boys came over with the four wheeler. She liked that, but my Little Princess still does not like to be dirty. I'll include a pic of Hunter, I'll just say, she wanted him to stop that really bad, no words needed.

She played with her Uncle Chris and at one point was going to jump off the porch to him, when she saw his hands were dirty, the Princess that she is, made him go wash his hands. It was priceless.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

A family of 5 at last!

First Family Pic and me and the baby boy.

more pics from the airport

Two Beauties waiting for Grace. Ashlee and Stacey Nicole.
This was Gracie getting her first site of our waiting family. There were 20 people waiting for her, all family in our book. These are the people who will be closet to her and be a part of her life.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Gracies First Trip out

For Gracie's first trip, we took her down to see her Grandparents in North Charleston. Again, she did really well with the car seat, of course she had to have all her babies with her.

She loved the piano, she is more and more like her baba every day.

Ok, for those that have been following along, you all know that Hunter boy does not like his Aunt Peggy, why? I dont know. Anyway, while we were at Granny's, I called Hunter and he actually came right over to me, let me pick him up and play with him, and he was happy to be in my lap. Go Figure! I told Paul Ray to quickly, take a pic, because no one would believe me.
Its About Time Hunter
Her Welcome Home Sign
Hanging out with her two brothers who adore her already
Trying to spoil her - her shirt says "little princess - Crown fits"
PaulPaul was so proud of himself, he got her to wear his hat, up until that point, she wanted nothing to do with a hat.

We are having so much fun with her.

No Sleep last night

Its 5 in the morning and Gracie and I are sitting at the dining room table, both on our laptops. We've both had our showers, and are dressed and ready for the day. She got up at 3 and I never went to bed. Oh Yeah, today should be nice.
Monday, the three of us were up early as usual. We decided to go see his parents. She fell asleep on the way back so we went home instead of the grocery store. When she woke later, we all went to Walmart for some food, the cabinets were bare. Several pennies later, the house is full of food and all is good. Brandon and I took her for a walk in her wagon down to my parents house. My mom gives her a doll so she'll go to her, my poor daddy though, Gracie will not go to. Back home. She was up until 11 again, just couldn't sleep, that and we talked to Helen on the computer again.
Tuesday, she did sleep until 7, we got up, fixed her breakfast, and slowly made our way to get dressed, she did let me check my email, with her in my lap. She will not let me do anything if a dog is anywhere close (this means just knowing they are in the house). So we didn't accomplish much today. I did however once PaulPaul got home, get the suitcases unloaded and put away.
I put her down for a nap at 12 thinking WE would sleep for 2 hours (with any luck), well we got up at 4 when PaulPaul came home. He played with her for a long time.
We taught her a song in China, it goes to the Slinky tune. "Gracie, Gracie, momma loves Gracie. " If I'm there she would usually say Baba. Well her brother has her saying, PaulPaul! It is too cute.
Well, not much else to tell, hopefully I'll get some pics posted soon.