Monday, April 21, 2008

He smiles so much more then he used to!
What a difference one little girl can make on one man.
Our dining room (which never had a dining room table anyway) is now, our office and Gracie's playroom.


Carrie&Aaron said...

At least it is clean-My house is a like a hurricane came through-Hope you can get back on track soon-Me it is been over a month home no luck yet!

Teresa =) said...

Peggy -

I have truly enjoyed following your journey to bring Grace home! I watched your blog from China every day like it was my new favorite soap opera!!

Grace is a gorgeous young lady and obviously fits in well with your family. You are so blessed to have each other!!

Teresa =)

The Shoemakers said...

Welcome, welcome home! I've so enjoyed reading all about Gracie and your experiences meeting her and bringing her home. I love the new blog for her. You've all truly been blessed. I hope to get to meet her one day - if we ever have enough money to vaca in Myrtle Beach again! ;)
Talk to you soon,