Sunday, April 20, 2008

A week of Firsts

We arrived home one week ago today. She is no closer to liking our dogs. She wakes no later than 7 am (normally its no later than 6) and that is getting her to bed between 730 and 800 pm. She has three meals a day and generally is a wonderful child. She has her moments but she is doing so well. She is STILL a daddys girl. That does not seem to be changing at all. I make due during the day. I still have not gotten into a routine as far as cleaning house and doing my work work. I hope to accomplish that this week.

This week, she had her dr appt with Dr Boatwright, it wasn't bad. She is getting glasses, they should be in next week sometime. She did a wonderful job, she never cried once and she really was just very good. You dont get that from alot of kids who do understand English. I'm so proud of my baby girl.

She also attended her first birthday party. It was at Chucky Cheese. She used all her tokens and actually ate a pc of pizza. She had then had enough, so we made a quick exit, she can go from beautiful mode to Look Out in just a matter of seconds.

So we took her home and let her rest, she helped PaulPaul do his laundry.

It was then time for her first trip to Church. She did very well I must say. She spoke out once or twice in Chinese and the people behind us laughed. She made her way from lap to lap, Paul Paul, her baba, me Brandon and Lyndsey. She fell asleep on the way home and could not wake her up for dinner. She was up bright and early on Sunday, she had an early breakfast and was full throttle the whole day.

The boys came over with the four wheeler. She liked that, but my Little Princess still does not like to be dirty. I'll include a pic of Hunter, I'll just say, she wanted him to stop that really bad, no words needed.

She played with her Uncle Chris and at one point was going to jump off the porch to him, when she saw his hands were dirty, the Princess that she is, made him go wash his hands. It was priceless.

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