Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Gracies First Trip out

For Gracie's first trip, we took her down to see her Grandparents in North Charleston. Again, she did really well with the car seat, of course she had to have all her babies with her.

She loved the piano, she is more and more like her baba every day.

Ok, for those that have been following along, you all know that Hunter boy does not like his Aunt Peggy, why? I dont know. Anyway, while we were at Granny's, I called Hunter and he actually came right over to me, let me pick him up and play with him, and he was happy to be in my lap. Go Figure! I told Paul Ray to quickly, take a pic, because no one would believe me.
Its About Time Hunter


The Sharp Family said...

I am beside myself. I really am. I so happy to see pics and just can't believe how much it looks like you guys have been together all along :)

~~ said...

She is sooo adorable Peg! Really. Love, the stuffy crew. lol