Monday, April 28, 2008

2 weeks home with our baby girl

We've been home for two weeks now. Life is anything but dull. Gracie is an amazing child who has stolen the hearts of many, but most importantly, she IS a Daddys Girl. I always knew the man that I loved with a steel wall around his heart would melt with a little girl, and that is exactly what has happened. He is so in love with this little girl, I just sometimes sit in awe of the two of them and watch. God has certainly blessed my life. We have two boys who adore their sister. I dont think life could get any better.

She continues to bloom every day, however, we think she has decided that everyone else will begin speaking Chinese instead of her speaking English. Dont get me wrong, she can speak in English and if she wants something I make her tell me what it is, she just prefers Chinese. She can tell you her name, count to 20, and gets her ABC's right 98% of the time. She can sing several songs, including You Are My Sunshine. She hates to be dirty and still wants all of her dolls undressed. She loves to take a bath and brush her teeth. She eats well, she sleeps all night.

To me this child is just PERFECT!

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