Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Just a quick note on our little princess. She is doing really well with her glasses. She wore them until about 3 today, without wanting to take them off. We need to have them adjusted already, but I was expecting that. We got her the ones that tint outside so we dont have to worry about sunglasses.

Our big girl slept in her bed all by herself last night, she went to sleep in it and woke up in it this morning at 8. I'm not letting her nap during the daytime if I can help it anymore. Whenever she has a nap, she tends to not be able to go to sleep at night. She was still wide awake at 9 pm last night. Then she sleeps until 8 which kinds throws me off for some reason. I had gotten used to getting her up at 7 and breakfast before 8.

She is tolerating the dogs a little better now, but still is uncomfortable playing with them around in the house.

She likes to play outside, but still does not like to be dirty. She is slowing getting used to all of our family. She going to meet my other family on Saturday. We're going to a cookout for Ashlee Gail's birthday, so Gracie will get to meet my Craven family then. I cant believe she is turning 13 already. My how times flies. She'll be 16 before you know it. I was at the hospital the night she was born. She has turned into a very lovely lady. I'm hoping her and Gracie can spend some time together this summer.

That sums up everything for now. I'll leave you with a cute picture of our little princess.

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