Wednesday, April 16, 2008

No Sleep last night

Its 5 in the morning and Gracie and I are sitting at the dining room table, both on our laptops. We've both had our showers, and are dressed and ready for the day. She got up at 3 and I never went to bed. Oh Yeah, today should be nice.
Monday, the three of us were up early as usual. We decided to go see his parents. She fell asleep on the way back so we went home instead of the grocery store. When she woke later, we all went to Walmart for some food, the cabinets were bare. Several pennies later, the house is full of food and all is good. Brandon and I took her for a walk in her wagon down to my parents house. My mom gives her a doll so she'll go to her, my poor daddy though, Gracie will not go to. Back home. She was up until 11 again, just couldn't sleep, that and we talked to Helen on the computer again.
Tuesday, she did sleep until 7, we got up, fixed her breakfast, and slowly made our way to get dressed, she did let me check my email, with her in my lap. She will not let me do anything if a dog is anywhere close (this means just knowing they are in the house). So we didn't accomplish much today. I did however once PaulPaul got home, get the suitcases unloaded and put away.
I put her down for a nap at 12 thinking WE would sleep for 2 hours (with any luck), well we got up at 4 when PaulPaul came home. He played with her for a long time.
We taught her a song in China, it goes to the Slinky tune. "Gracie, Gracie, momma loves Gracie. " If I'm there she would usually say Baba. Well her brother has her saying, PaulPaul! It is too cute.
Well, not much else to tell, hopefully I'll get some pics posted soon.

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Brandon said...

I took all that time making you a banner and you go and get a new blog with a color that wouldn't match the banner.

furious mom, furious take a pic of gracie on a one color surface with one color background

like hardwood floor against a wall would be good.

and i'll make you a new one w/her in it :)