Monday, October 25, 2010

to the moutains we go

And never again will we venture there in Peak Season.  We literally (which by the way, Grace shocked us both on the way there by using that word in a sentence) spent 22 hours total in the car in traffic from 2:00 pm Friday until we got home on Sunday evening.  It was a mix of poor planning but mostly we weren't sure if Paul was going to be able to go until that week, and the hotel we wanted was booked.  And in my defense it looked much closer on the map.    We drove up to Seiverville/Kodac TN on Friday night (we had to hit the Bass Pro shop don't you know).  then to our hotel in Gatlinburg, TN.  The train is in Bryson City, NC.  Really, now I'm guessing you have to be a nature lover, but I just don't get it, yes the leaves were beautiful but REALLY!!!!  Paul said Gatlinburg was like Myrtle Beach on steroids or worse.  He is not much of a people person, so this was not a good place for him, and he hates traffic, so it was stressful.  Enough complaining, on with the pics.

Oh, and by the way, the rocks do fall!

She is such a daddys girl.  As soon as she was dressed, she said, you think Daddy will like it.

Isnt she a beautiful cowgirl

First glimpse of the Peanut gang.

I love these shots.  Hand in Hand

 Funny story here, all the kids got off the train and lined up to see the gang.  Grace was 5th in line, one through four go up stand, smile, take a picture and walk off, not my girl, she goes to Lucy, takes a picture, then over to Charlie, takes a picture and then to Snoopy to take a picture.

bobbing for apples

yummmmm, marshmellows

 I thought she was being very brave, thinking to myself, not gonna happen.  sure enough......
 she had to be rescued by her knight!!!!  She does hold the key to his heart.
 Now, this stand, she kept doing it, and I kept saying stop that, why are you standing like that.  Turns out that is how the little girl on the picture of the package her outfit came in was standing. 
 Trick or Treating, she had a GREAT time

 getting a tatoo, which we scrubbed off that night.
 looking for the perfect pumpkin

 Her daddy loved the small ones.

playing in the corn box

waving goodby

outside the hotel

 The Great Smoky Mountains Railroad.  This was the reason for the trip.
and they take pictures like the cruise ships, its the only thing we bought over than food and a pack of silly banz.

Pumpkin Patch

 This was Grace's first field trip this year, and I dont understand why blogger refuses to put my picture in the right order.  URGH.  Anyway, we went to a pumpkin patch, it was a family run event.  They have a large and small corn maze, we did the small one, I could see someone getting lost really easily out there.  They also have animals and it was a perfect day.

How cute is this dress?  Perfect for a pumpkin patch.

Dont you know, she walked in, bent over, picked up the smallest one she could find!!!!

decorating her prize pumpkin