Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy Birthday

 Happy Birthday Aunt  Bonathon!!!  
We spent the last Saturday of the September with Bonny and Ashlee.  Long standing tradition (love traditions).  We have breakfast and then whatever.  The birthday girl usually gets to choose where we eat.  Ashlee Gail and myself always choose Crackle Barrel and Bonny usually chooses IHOP.  However there is a new CB  in Summerville and Grace likes to eat where they have toys, so wanna guess where we went.

I cannot believe its October already, Christmas is right around the corner.  I am not ready for that, or should I say, my wallet is not ready for that.  My calendar on the other hand is ready and prepared, and almost full!  Grace will be in a Christmas show for dance as well as in the Christmas parade.  So excited.

October also brings our wedding anniversary on it.  We have so much going on at work right now, so we decided to wait til the weekend to go out.  And as Paul Rays puts it, Grace is attached (at the hip) so we had a family date night.  Dinner and a movie.  It was her first real move, she was asleep after an hour.

What did we see.....I've been waiting since May when they announced it at the Derby.   I bought our tickets a few days early and arrived 30 minutes before showtime.  I figured it would be packed, I was wrong, I guess not everyone is a big horse race fan, go figure.  We however loved it.   I heard Grace and her dad talking early, he's trying to talk her into riding lessons instead of dance lessons.  I don't think so bud!!!!!  But I would love to have a horse.

Back to the movie, it was awesome.  I truly enjoyed it.  You can count on the DVD being in my collection.

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