Saturday, October 4, 2008

I really want one of these.........

But my dear hubby hasn't come around yet!

I think I'm worth it, I guess he thinks differently! It gets much better gas mileage than my explorer does.

This one to be exact! The only thing it does not have that I really REALLY wanted was a dvd player and a navigation system (heck I'm used to getting lost anyway) It has the SYNC system, maybe the navigation wouldn't be that hard to install. As for the DVD I would only want that on long trips anyway, so I could get a convertible one. My best friend Bon's brother has a Ford dealership, which is where I got my explorer from! I promised Paul Ray I would drive that till it was paid off, but I really really REALLY love this car, and my explorer has been having issues, and can you tell I've hit the begging stage here!

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preppy little dress said...

i love the ford edge! it's a very sylish AMERICAN suv! buy american!!!

i am sure the gas is better than the explorer, but over all i am not sure if it is or not?

good luck, keep working on him! ha! ha!