Saturday, October 4, 2008

Happy Anniversary Paul Ray

This Monday, October 6th, will be 17 years that Paul Ray and I have been married. I've always told him, he is my biggest dream come true, and that is still true.

This is where we were married, The Oaks, in Goose Creek, SC. Chris & Erin were also married here a few years ago. Unfortunately it burned down a year or so ago, otherwise, I would have loved for Brandon & Lyndsey to be married there.

I was so head over heals for him, till it wasn't funny at all.

Our first date was Valentines 1987, our son was born June 13, 1989. Yes, we didn't exactly do it in the right order. And yes, like most marriages, we've had LOTS of ups and downs, but we stuck with it, and we are blessed beyond words. There is very little in my life that I would change, because then I wouldn't be where I am today. I have a wonderful husband, two handsome boys, one beautiful daughter that I've waited a life time for, and a soon to be daughter in law that I adore, and there are not a lot of mother in laws who can say that.
I love this pic, it is one of my favorites.
My parents do NOT like to take pictures, so these are rare and cherished.The Winge Family, it sure has grown in the last 17 years.
Paul Paul resting on the steps in every ones way. I have pictures of just the four of us, Me Paul Ray, Brandon and Paul, I need to find those and scan. Brandon wore pink pants and PaulPaul had on shorts. (on a sidenote I should say, that Brandon left early with his Aunt Pat, these pics came out of my big album, I have a small one somewhere with more pictures)
Devan and Lauren
Wasnt Devan the prettiest flower girl you've ever seen. Granny Winge actually made the dress. We have a piece of it to put on Gracies quilt, that I still have not completed.
Paul Rays Grandfather, the kids called him Grandday
This is not our car, Paul would not drive his car there that day, he did not want it decorated or what ever else they may do, so he parked it at a restaurant near by.
Ah, that was a great day! I would kill to be that size right now.

I must say, I do find the Captain to be very handsome.

Paul Ray in front of the boat on our way home. This was my first cruise, but it was not the one that hooked me, that would be the one we did in 1999. Now I would live on a Cruise Ship (if someone else were paying). For my 50th birthday, Paul Ray has promised that we can sail the Queen Mary II. I hope that we can get Gracie on a ship in the next few years. Just as soon as we finish paying for the adoption itself:)

Happy Anniversary Paul Ray, I still love you today, even though I dont show it enough.

Looking forward to our dinner tommorrow night, we cant go Monday, he has a new Dunkin Donuts opening at 5 am Monday Morning! Grand opening is Tuesday at 11, so if you're in the area, stop on by! I'll post pics then.

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Kristin said...

Have a wonderful anniversary!! We just celebrated our 19th in July. Isn't life bizarre with teens and little ones?