Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ramblings on Life and such

10 Days to Mickey Mouse! Gracie is so excited.

6 Days till our family gets to meet Lyndsey's family at dinner. Which means I have to get my very messy house clean, and my yard once again looks like a four wheelin pit from all the rain recently.

Then there is my car, my dear hubby goes to look at it finally this afternoon and says to me, that does not sound good. You may have to drive PaulPauls truck (which was mine once upon a time) now let me just get a handle on this one. This man thinks that we are not going to fix my car for awhile. Let me just say right now, this house will become a WAR zone for sure.

My back is killing me for some reason today, not sure what I've done. I had planned on getting the house clean, but we talked to Helen until 1230 this afternoon. She had been MIA and I haven't talked to her the last two weeks. Poor girl has had alot going on. I wont go into details, but I'll say Tradition is still strong in China. She also told me that her friend that works at the orphanage in Tianjin told her that Gracie's foster mom had asked about her and wanted to know if they had any pictures of her since coming to the US. That for some reason made me emotional. I always knew in my heart that this woman loved this child as her own, she got Gracie when she was 9.5 months. I could not image having to let a child go after having them that long, that is why I could not be a foster parent and is why we didn't adopt in the states. I admire that families that can foster children and then let them go, God made them very special. I have a letter for the foster mom that I started writing after we came home and have continued to add to it. So Helen is going to translate the letter and I'm going to send her some pictures. I hope that when Gracie is a little older she will be able to visit her someday. Its always been our plan to take her back to her birth country.

I guess that's enough rambling for the day, my baby boy is wanting to use my computer and I need to pick up some more before my oldest baby and Lyndsey get here.

Oh, and our 6 months visit with our social worker is a week from Monday.

Also, Gracie went for her 6 month checkup with the eye doctor, she will only have to see him yearly. He is sending her to see another doctor, he thinks they may be able to help with her distant vision. The appt is on the 6th of Novemeber. I'll keep you posted.


Kristin said...

How exciting to meet Lyndsey's family this week. :-) I'm sure you'll have lots to talk about!!

Carrie said...

OH I am so happy we get to meet up-sorry we changed your plans on breakfast!