Sunday, October 26, 2008

Still No Car

and if you know me, you know how hard that is. I was suppose to work all day today, but had a MAJOR, MAJOR migraine, and didn't get nearly as much done as I had hoped. The party last night turned out well, I'll post those pics this week.

My dear sweet hubby was suppose to come to a decision about my car. His dilemma is, he doesn't really want to fix the car, but is afraid to put me in a car he doesn't think I'll like and be stuck with.

At this point I just want a car!!!!! The stress is really creating headaches. Any Stress goes right to a headache. We are due to leave on Wednesday at five (right after dance class) for Disney! I'm as excited as Gracie is.

I sure hope we have come to an answer by then, the thought of having to pay for a rental car does not appeal to me. AT ALL.

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Kristin said...

Oh man. I hope the car situation gets solved quickly. It would stress me out greatly as well to not have a vehicle. whew.

Looking foward to your Disney trip! I will live vicariously through you. :-)