Friday, October 31, 2008

Day 3 Post 8 A Prince and his Princess

The line for the Princess was 20 minutes, the line for the fairies was 90 minutes, yes 90. Whew, thank goodness, she didn't have a clue about any of them.

The talk so soft and sweet, and my baby girl was just in awe.

Meeting Cinderella for the first time.

Blowing daddy a kiss.NOW for some reason, Belle was her favorite, maybe because she has a Belle Doll. She hasn't seen any of the movies yet, but she will, I'm going to have a chat with Santa about that.

Now she looks like she is just falling onto her, but my precious girl was trying NOT to step on her dress, I can not lie, I had tears in my eyes from the get go.

And she didn't want to talk, she just wanted to hug her.

OK, now I know you are wondering about the title of this post! Well this is when Little Man became known as the Little Prince and he was NOT happy. Now most men would be in heaven with three Princesses throwing themselves at him, but not this one. He was not happy that he had to stand in line to wait to see a bunch of old girls, but he certainly was NOT going to speak to them and forget about a picture. He stood/sat behind Paul Ray while he was taking pictures of Gracie. They called him a Prince from the time we entered the room. We were unaware they were taking his pictures until right before we left. They tried talking to him from the time we walked in and was not responding. I was busy watching Gracie.Let me tell you, the photographers were snapping pictures left and right. There were 52 on our photo pass card and 48 of them were in this one room.

When Belle came around to join the fun, he said that's it, I've had it and got up. We're were rolling in laughter, it was too much. You can always count on him for a good laugh.

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Kristin said...

I just have to say, I have loved every post about Disney! I love being there. Too bad we can't go more often, huh?

The princess pics are precious! It's funny because my girls loved Belle the most too. Wonder why?

Oh and your little prince did well compared to my big prince. He was 13 and not thrilled at all about waiting to see the princesses. Hee hee!