Thursday, October 23, 2008

Another Car Update :(

Well as life goes, there is really no getting ahead. Paul Ray really wanted to get my car paid off and have me drive it for awhile. I only owe $6grand on it, and wouldn't you know:

That is also the price of a NEW ENGINE! well just a few dollars shy of that anyway. YES, my car is shot. Something about bent valves ? I don't know.

So on top of still paying for that, we have to find another car, he doesn't want to put that kind of money in it. And we now have to go tow the car back to our house.

AHHHH sometimes LIFE just bites. So he had decided to just get a semi used car, but after talking to my boss today, he may be considering a new one.

I still haven't cleaned my house, I have a party on Saturday night here, I have to work on Sunday and we leave for Disney on Wednesday after work. There will be no rest for weeks to come. Top on the stress of worrying about how to get back and forth to work, I think I may be entitled to a nervous breakdown right now. Maybe I should get a nice bottle of wine next time I'm out.
How was your day?


Kristin said...

Oh no. That is not good news at all! I had to get a new transmission put in my van this past May. We owed about $3500 on it at the time---which is close to what the transmission cost. Not fun. Not fun at all!

But we did it, paid the car off, and are hoping it lasts for a few more years.

Best of luck with the car search. And, yes, I would pick up a bottle of wine the next time you are out. Sounds like you deserve it. :-)

LyndseyLou said...

If you need me to come over on saturday to help clean I'd be more than happy, lol i have plenty of practice helping brandon, and you KNOW they didnt clean the house for you when you were in china, lol that was all me!

And if I can be any help with work just let me know=]
Love you.