Saturday, November 29, 2008

Gracies First Christmas Shopping Trip

You re still a cutey even when you try to hide your face.
Friday, Grace went on her very first Christmas Shopping trip. I figured I could get away with it this year, and I did, it went well. Poor Bonny was sick, she had figured her and Grace would rest since she was sure Grace would not last all day.
She dances to her own beat.
Grace and Ashlee, just how cute are these two?

My baby girl, only asked to be carried one, and she kept up the entire day.

She has discovered the fish and ducks. She would have fed them all day!
When you throw in the food, they all try to get it. If you look good, you can see the fish in the water. These fish are HUGE!

We met Bonny at Walmart at 6, from there we headed to Myrtle Beach. We usually hit two outlet shops there, Bass Pro Shop and Broadway at the beach. This year we only did one outlet and skipped the Bass Pro Shop, so we were actually home in time for supper.

Broadway has a new store. SUGAR something, this very large store was WALL to WALL sugar, it was unreal. I spent $26 dollars and came out with a rather SMALL bag. But there was some really neat stocking stuffers there.

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Kristin said...

What a fun girl day!!!