Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Day 4 post 10 Last Day in Parks

This was taken the first night in Epcot, I love it. We started out kinda slow on Saturday, we didnt want to go back to the room for a long nap since it was our last day. We started out at the Hollywood Studios.

I love these pictures like this. Christopher on the other hand does Not liked to be touched.

This was Christopher's favorite, however I just realized I only took video of him while we were in there, where you ask, Indiana Jones Of course. He sat straight up and paid attention the entire time.

If he was trying to impress me, he really did. I know you are all wondering about the hat. I cant even explain. He is a unique soul, he got this on a cruise a few years back.

I dont even know what street we were on. A guy walking with his wife asked if we would like him to take our picture and the first thing out of my mouth was, "Would You Mind" He replied, Yeah I mind, then chuckled and said Thats why I asked. His poor wife said, I cant take him anywhere.

Sorry Mr, I'm having alot of those "Here's Your Sign" moments.

One of our first 3D movies, she didnt like it, but she would not remove her glasses or turn her head. You could hear her say, shue, go away, I had to laugh, it was so funny.

Oh, Daddy, just give me the map, I'll find it.

Well we must be close!

Disney Playhouse, How about her smile. He was not too thrilled.

I'm not sure what he was pouting about, but it was just too cute to pass up on a picture. He was really unhappy when I took a close up.

I can get it Uncle Paul, just watch.

Hold On, its coming, I can just feel it.

Sorry Buddy, you need a few more wheaties.


As you can see Grace has gotten the hang of this meeting the characters.

This is her " Um, I like it" face. See her lip.

Ah, Piglet is so cute and cuddly.

She was waiting for this one.

Gracies Favorite, and Mine! Pooh

A Daddy and His Girl!

Could I look any more exhausted? I kidd you not, I'm just getting over that trip. I ended up missing my boss dinner party last Saturday. His supper club was doing International night. I would have never made it. I did make it to the Princes birthday party. I should have stayed home. I had a major miagraine, MAJOR, on top of being sick.

Last view of the beautiful castle. We didnt get to eat here this time, but maybe next time.

Last Night, until next time. Yes, her and her
Daddy, are already talking about going back. She goes
around saying, Oh Daddy, thank you for taking me
to see Mickey Mouse. IT is too cute. She is my
Little Princess!

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