Tuesday, August 9, 2011

7th Birthday

Grace celebrated her 4th birthday with us this year, that is one more than she had in China without us.  I still think of her foster family and birth mother often.  My little girl has come so far in life.  She fills my heart with so much love.  God truly is awesome.  I am overwhelmed that he chose us to be her parents.   I pray that she never has to struggle with who she is and her place in our lives.   She is truly the center of mine and her dads life. 

For her birthday this year, I wanted to have a party at a farm with horses, my hubby on the other hand did not and talked her into a bowling party.  

Grace and Ashlee Gail

Dont you love that smile
 Later that day we had a dinner for our baby boy's birthday party.  He turned 22 this year, hard to believe that my little boy is that old. 

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