Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dreams are sweet

I have a Dream and she is complete.

Carnival Dream that is, the newest beauty of a ship has set sail. Oh how I wish I were on her right now. As it stands I still have 20 months before we can go, well unless that money tree I planted out back starts growing. I mean really, I water the thing, whats the problem here!

Another piece of news, Carnival will be making Charleston a home port, but don't get too excited, even though you will now be able to cruise out of Charleston weekly, you still cant go any further than the Bahamas. So come May, the ship Fantasy will make her way to Charleston, ooh maybe they will throw a party. Bonny and I sailed this ship several years ago, I think the girls should take another cruise, that was a blast.

There will also be another Queen in the water before too long (2010 I think) Cunard is adding Queen Elizabeth to its fleet.


Carrie said...

wish i could go!

wingepr said...

You know we WOULD love for you to go with us. The more the merrier.