Wednesday, September 2, 2009

just an update

Lets see, this past Sunday on our way to Graces second class of Chinese we stopped by Granny's for some lunch and to drop off Gracie's pieces of fabric for her 100 Good Wishes Quilt. Yes, I know we've been home over a year now, I had hoped to have it done before she came home, but what can I say, life just gets in the way. I also haven't done her Book yet either. I have everything to make her baby (life) book and a book for the quilt wishes. I'm behind! I also got her a school book, which is not going to hold all of the papers from this year, guess we'll have to pick a few special ones and put the others up somewhere else.

Ok, on to Chinese class, this was her second, and if you recall the first class she would not let me leave. This time she was doing so much better, she gave to big kisses and even bigger hugs and let me go. I assured her I would be waiting at the door when class was out. Well I went to my car, I did run to the store and got something to drink and then parked under a tree to do some reading. I'm reading the Last Lecture and was deeply in a chapter (with my phone in my lap in case the school needed me) well this Chinese lady appears at my window and I smile I 'm not sure what I was thinking, I guess the nice lady and her pretty little girl were saying hello, it took my poor brain about a second to realize, that little Chinese girl is MINE and is she HYSTERICAL, I have never seen her that upset, I mean full blown sobs, uncontrollable sobs, it broke my heart. Well it seems they decided to do some rearranging during class. There is no telling what my poor child was thinking I can only imagine. Once I calmed her down a bit we went inside and they explained things and we went and got her book bag. This Sunday we have the FCC picnic so we will miss class. I will leave it up to Grace if we go back. I do believe it would not take long for her to pick it all up again. She can count to six, they also learn to write also.
She is in her third week of school and I cant tell you how much she loves school. She loves going, she loves learning, she is making friends and she LOVES her teacher. I could not say enough good things about Ms. Wendy. God is good! He blessed us with this little girl and continues to put awesome people in our lives for this little girl. Grace attends the after school program until 430 when her daddy picks her up, by the third day, he was like "now she's hugging and kissing the after school program" - I'm pretty sure Ms. Wendy gets a hug every morning too. There are only 16 kids in her class so that is great. I put two boys through school and would help when asked but I am very shy and never got too involved, (if I could only go back) but somehow I ended up being Room Mom for Grace's class, I'm a little excited and nervous at the same time. Grace is breaking me out of my shell that's for sure.
Grace has also started back at dance. She is only doing ballet now, and she must have been really comfortable in class. She was smiling and hopping around and just having a good ole time, this teacher makes this program fun the girls. They don't get serious until the next class (6 year olds).

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Teresa =) said...

Oh, Peggy, I can't imagine how you felt when they brought Grace out to your car! Thank goodness you were THERE! Poor baby!!

I'm impressed you're doing the room mom thing! I did it with Meggie when she was in Kindergarten, but life was easier back then. I don't think I have that in me anymore!!

Teresa =)