Sunday, September 6, 2009

Her first major boo boo

Well today was the FCC (Families with Chinese Children) Picnic at the Palmetto County Park. Food was ready, big kids were loading the car, and I was locking the doors. I'm not sure what Miss Grace was doing but I heard her scream. I think she was swinging between the stools under our island and the big chair next to it. I picked her up, her lip was bleeding her tooth was not in the right location and her nose was bleeding. I cant lie, the louder my baby cried the more I cried. At the first sight of it, all I could do was yell for Paul Ray! Sad isn't it! We weren't sure if we should take her to the ER or not. We're going to call the dentist on Tuesday and let him look at it. Once we got her cleaned and most of the bleeding stopped we laid her on the couch, then she got upset about missing the picnic, her daddy asked if she wanted to go, which she did, so we loaded everything back up. That lasted about three minutes. So we went and got some chicken and came back home. She keeps asking me if her lip is better? Sorry baby, not yet! Poor thing, her daddy put her in her seat and she started saying how sorry she was.

Older pictures from the week, not allowing her brother to go in the bedroom. I heard her tell him early this morning when he hit her, that, that was NOT a LOOOOOOOOOOVE tap! They are too much.

Dancing with her faithful companion.