Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Grace's First Trip to the Zoo

Don't we look so happy
PaulPaul, Me, Lyndsey, Brandon, Destinee and Grace
My Mom is holding the girls.

I thought this was too funny. The gorilla came out and sat down right in front of the glass with his back to us.
Right after getting a good look at everyone.As you can see by the smile, she had a great time.
Grace's favorite: The Elephant.

Her dad (who does not spoil her by the way, yeah right) had just bought these binoculars for her the week before. Not b/c we were going to the zoo (but they did come in handy) but b/c she liked his and wanted a pair.

Brandon, this picture is just for you.

Brandon didn't want to cooperate here.

Grace likes riding on his shoulders, half the fun is playing with his hair, which he hates.
We all rode the train. My mother spent a small fortune that day.

Can you see what that is. I couldn't get that close even with the glass being there. To me, the only kind of good snake is a dead one. I am TERRIFIED of them. My dear hubby says you should get a snake without knowing if it is dangerous. How do you do that you ask, he says and I quote "look for the shape in the eye" yeah right.

A White Turkey!!! that was a first

After a couple hours, the girls got tired so we rented a stroller,

I think Grace is telling her to just do it her way.
And Destinee is saying Uh No

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Kristin said...

Looks like everyone had fun!!! My girls love the zoo. :-)