Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Grace was accepted!!!!! Thanks for all those prayers. She will attend Cathedral Academy in August. We are putting her in K4, everyone feels that will give her a good solid ground. I think she would be OK in K5, but shes only been home a year, and is still learning.

Go Generals!
Did I say how excited she is. She had to go take an assessment test and she really liked it. The teachers and principle were all so nice. We were unsure they were going to take her because of her eyes. They even had to talk to the doctors office. She may need a little extra time for things, but I really think she will be OK!
I've been so stressed about her going to school If we had only known we were going to adopt, we would have stayed at our old house. But I have to believe that God has me where I'm suppose to be!


Carrie said...

Congrats! Things will be great! She will do fine! I agree, K4 will be good for her and if she knows to much they can always put her in K5 later can't they? They have done thins at other schools!

Kristin said...

How great!! I know you were worried about this. Now you can look forward to preparing Grace for K4 in her new school. :-)

The Sharp Family said...

Yeah! Congrats!!!!!!!!!