Monday, April 6, 2009

Derby Time

At time of this post there are 25 day 20 hours and 13 minutes until the 135th running of the Kentucky Derby! I'll be watching from home again, but still holding out hope to one day attend this gala event. If I had my choice of any sporting event to attend, this would be it. But I want to sit with the owners PLEASE, I want to attend the parties and be a part of it all, which is really unlike me.


Maybe one day, I'll have a nice Derby Party and all the ladies will be required to dress accordingly. Here are two hats I've picked out!

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Carrie said...

invite me I love horse races! Part of the blood! On my dad's side there are a bunch of horse breeders and and of course some of those people like to dabble in making some money on seeing who will win! Not me! never been lucky wiht that sorta stuff! I am so into the first hat!