Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Look at those ears!!!!

Grace had finally decided she wanted her ears pierced! I was so happy to oblige her. So after work, we went to see the Easter Bunny (I'll scan those later) and afterwards we went to get her ears done.
She is so excited! They cleaned her ears, and marked the spot. So far so good.

She was such a brave little girl. We lucked out, there were two girls working, so we got both ears done at the same time. She started to cry for just a second, then she was fine. She loves them. I was so worried, but it all turned out fine.

She looks so sad here, but that only lasted a few seconds.

Ouch, they look really red here. We have to clean them three times a day. After 6 weeks she can change them to something else.
Ok, Ashlee Gail, Your Turn!!!!!!!!!! :)


Chelsea Gour said...

Good for you Grace!!! Isabel had her's done when she was 4 so we will wait till then for Claire too. Plus we cheated! We know a nurse that got us some numbing cream to put on her ears...she didn't feel a thing! :)

The Sharp Family said...

Such a pretty pretty girl!! And brave! They look beautiful!!!

Carrie said...

oh boy- I know how you feel Mom! Can't wait to see her smiling!