Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I've been tagged!

Sorry it took me so long, I've been a little busy, but aren't we all.

Teresa over at Continuing the Journey tagged me for "A List of 8's". Most of you will know Teresa if I say Carson! She is now waiting to return to China and bring Molly (her very cute daughter) home!

8 Favorite TV Shows
2. Grey's Anatomy
3. Army Wives
4. The Unit
5. The Mentalist
6. Reba
7. Jon & Kate plus 8
8. Cold Case

8 Things I did Yesterday: can I repeat work 8 times
1. Had my coffee
2. Took Grace to McDonalds for her favorite pancakes
3. Drove my 50 minutes to work
5. Met with PaulPaul's English Teacher (cute story later wGrace)
6. Cooked Dinner
7. Purchased Christmas Tree (did not say decorate)
8. Cooked cookies for everyone

8 Things I look Forward to
1. Sharing New Things with Grace
2. Home Cooked meal by anyone other than me
3. Being Healthy again
4. Christmas
5. Brandon & Lyndseys Wedding
6. PaulPauls Graduation
7. Gracies first recital
8. Another Cruise (and God please let it be soon)

8 Things I wish for:
1. Reaching my 50th wedding anniversary
2. Good Health
3. My parents/family Good health
3. Have all my bills paid off
4. Watch ALL my kids get married
5. Become a Grandmother (not too soon!)
6. A Nice Long Cruise
7. To hear from Gracies foster mom
8. A safer world for my kids to be in

OK, I tag the following:
Lyndsey at The Road to Our Wedding
Dobin at Bosleys Journey of Faith to Adoption
Kristen at A Family is Forever
Penny at The Sharp Family Tales


Teresa =) said...

Peggy -

I'm so excited that you did this tag! I love that you put "you will know Teresa if I say Carson" Little Man is a celebrity, huh?! LOL!!

I've never been on a cruise and your lists TOTALLY make me want to go on one!!

Teresa =)

Kristin said...

I have never seen Jon and Kate plus 8 but my daughter has. She swears I will love it. I need to check it out!

I love your 8 things to wish for. They are wonderful. :-)

I've done this tag from someone else but maybe I'll do it again!! Hmm. Better start thinking!

thanks for taggin me!